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History of Tomato and Origin… First tomato plants in Iran

History of Tomato: Is tomato one of the fruits or vegetables?

Tomatoes are both fruits and vegetables. In particular, “tomatoes are fruits that are considered vegetables by nutritionists.

Origin of Tomatoes:

In the history of tomatoes, the first to plant tomatoes were the Maya and other Central American tribes. The Spaniards imported tomatoes from Mexico in 1520 and then took them to the United States by British colonialists. However, it took some time for this lovely fruit to be used by the general public in the United States.

During this time, people often believed that tomatoes were poisonous. But the reality was that rich Europeans ate it on delicate, lead-based plates.

Tomato History:

History of Tomato: The original origin of tomatoes is attributed to South America; Where small tomato fruits were first discovered and consumed orally and therapeutically.

Tomatoes later spread to countries such as Peru. The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and are now grown and consumed in all parts of the world . There are many varieties of tomatoes and it is one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world . Tomato is an annual plant whose tall branches grow up to one meter in height and has yellow flowers.

The first tomato plants in Iran :

Tomatoes were unknown in Iran until the Qajar era. For the first time in 1300 AH, Dost Mohammad Khan Moayer al-Mamalik laid the seeds of this plant in a bag and brought it to Iran from France and planted it in the fields of Ferdows Garden for the first experience.

The description of this incident is written by Dost Ali Khan Moayer al-Malak. The son of Dost Mohammad Khan Moayer al-Malak, in the book Rijal Asr Naseri:

Abdul Samad Mirza Izz al-Dawla, Naser al-Din Shah’s brother, used to visit my father from his summer mansion once a summer to visit Ferdows Garden  is near Tajrish Square. At that time, tomatoes were not known in Iran and were not used in food.

My father, who lived in Europe from 1303 to 1300 AH. Sent some new and unknown vegetable seeds to Iran, including tomato seeds. Which are very light and light in weight, and in a separate letter with the package of this seed. Ordered how and what Plant it on the ground at some point in the year and give it water to  grow and bear fruit. He especially emphasized that they should try to increase it and build a large bush.

A brave man changed the fate of tomatoes in the world !

As the belief about the dangers of tomatoes spread, it became difficult to refute this belief. But that was not the end of the story of the tomato. A man named Robert Gibbon Johnson lived in New Jersey who grew tomatoes and believed they were healthy and safe. He took his seeds from South America and ate tomatoes in public to show that the tasty product was healthy and to dispel the rumor.

A brave man changed Fear of eating tomatoes in the Iran !

According to the annual tradition, Prince Izz al-Dawla came to Ferdows Garden and while walking in the garden; His eyes fell on a tomato plant and its colorful fruit caught his attention. But when he realized that no one ate it and there was a fear of poisoning, he was very surprised. He told the gardener to bring some of it to the mansion, then he came to my mother with great joy and praised this vegetable for a while. He asked the cook to order that the water be taken in a few suitable meals prepared for lunch. That day in limited quantities. At the first table, he ate his custom food and enjoyed it. Encouraging others to eat this new concoction.

The audience had been refusing to eat the tomato until that day. When they saw that the prince had eaten it and nothing had been done. Of course, with any taste, they ate the charcoal on the fire the next day and liked it the most, knowing that it was the best complement to grilled food.

The largest tomato producers in the world:






Tomato production is done for two purposes:

1-Daily consumption

2-Artificial uses and products of paste and sauce products.

After potatoes, gooseberries have the highest production in the world.

Iran is also one of the ten countries producing tomatoes.

The most important customers importing tomatoes from Iran :

Iraq, Russia, the Persian Gulf countries and …

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