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Black Sapote is the only fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding &suggest you testing in NEW YEAR 2022

Black Sapote is the only fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding & testing in NEW YEAR 2022

Black sapote is very suitable for people who are on a diet. Black sapote has four times more vitamin C than oranges and contains calcium and phosphorus. In fact, this fruit is not a real sapote and is one of the species of persimmon family.

About Black Sapote

The plant is an evergreen growing to about 8m in height. The leaves are tapered at both ends, leathery and glossy. The flowers are tubular lobed and white.

The black Sapote is not strictly tropical in that it is hardy if protected from frosts during the first few years.

The tree thrives on moist sandy loam, on well-drained sand or somitic limestone with very little topsoil. It is usually grown from seeds, which remain viable for several months in dry storage and germinate about 30 days after planting.

A native to Mexico, the black Sapote or black persimmon is a most unusual fruit and is closely related to the persimmon and the Mabolo. The Spaniards to Amboyna apparently carried it before 1692 and to the Philippines long before 1776 and eventually reached Hawaii, Brazil, Cuba and Puerto Rica.

Health Benefits

An extremely rich source of vitamin C with a 100g serving providing 19mg, which is more than 6 times the daily requirement. Small amounts of calcium and phosphorous are also provided.

100g of Black Sapote yields the following:

  • Calories – 134
  • Total Carbs – 11% of DV
  • Protein – 4% of DV
  • Dietary Fibre – 9% of DV
  • Vitamin C – 19mg
  • Calcium – 39mg

If you have osteoporosis, eat Black Sapote

Black sapote contains good amounts of calcium. We all know that calcium is essential for building bones. In addition to strengthening bones and teeth, it helps maintain muscle contraction and blood clotting.

Properties of Black Sapote for constipation

Black Sapote fruit is suitable for digestive processes. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber when eaten raw. Those who suffer from constipation can use this fruit.

Black Sapote for blood pressure and kidneys

Black Sapote is a good source of potassium.Therefore, the lack of this mineral causes high blood pressure, kidney problems, muscle loss and other related conditions.

A CHRISMAS & NEW YEAR 2022 for tropical fruit lovers and chocolate lovers alike.

Tokba suggest you eat like it by itself with some citrus squeezed over – like most sweet, fully-ripened soft fruits. In much the same way your hands get stained by mulberries when you pick them, after polishing off a black sapote, your whole face will be smeared like a child’s. One that has no self-control around a bowl of chocolate pudding. The fact that it is varying shades of brown, depending on ripeness, is probably where the name comes from.

Cooking with Black Sapote

Here’s something I can offer to the chocolate-and-fruit loving masses: black sapote, “the chocolate pudding fruit.” The flesh is a dark, silky smooth custard. The flavor is not at all tart or “fruity.” It doesn’t take much to convince your taste buds that you are indeed eating chocolate. Why this fruit is not more popular than bananas is, well, bananas.

In the following link, you can learn the instructions for cooking it and enjoy your New Year :

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