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10 reasons to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables

10 of the most important reasons for you to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables

The benefits of fruits and vegetables for the body are very many, as they are considered one of the sources rich in many nutrients necessary for the body, which include vitamins and minerals and help prevent diseases, and despite this, a number of people replace these foods with other foods and snacks that may not be useful.

benefits of fruits and vegetables : Therefore, we will present to you the following 10 reasons why you should increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables:

1. Fruits and vegetables are very nutritious and delicious.

2. Enjoying eating them: Some are “crunchy” and others are peeled … In short, a person feels enjoying eating fruits and vegetables.

3. A quick and natural snack: Fruits and vegetables are natural foods that are easy to eat as a snack.

4. Variety: Fruits and vegetables are available in a very large and very varied range.

5. Vitamins and minerals: Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energized.

6. The possibility of reducing the risk of disease: Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure and some types of cancer.

7. Low number of calories: Fruits and vegetables naturally contain fewer calories.

8. Fiber: Fruits and vegetables provide fiber that helps you feel full and maintains the digestive system.

9. Convenience: Fruits and vegetables are nutritious in any form, whether fresh, frozen, canned, dried or 100 percent natural juice. So it is always convenient.

10. Color and texture: With their beautiful colors and distinctive texture, fruits and vegetables add “charm” to dishes.

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