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what points should we observe to start the Export goods process?

What is the export of goods and what points should we observe to start the export process?

What is the export of goods?

Export goods means the departure of goods from the country to other countries. Exports in customs procedures are of two types. definitive export and temporary export.

  • Temporary export steps

The temporary export process is such that the exporter transports his goods abroad with the knowledge. That he will return to the country in the future. This may be for the purpose of attending international exhibitions, marketing, and maintenance. Goods and… take place.

  • Define and document your export strategy.

Business strategy is one of the basic components of your business plan (export business plan).

2.Focus on key export goals. Common goals include:

  1. Defend your market position against existing exporters.
  2. Reducing the effects of seasonal demand changes.
  3. Decrease fixed costs.
  4. Benefit from the highest production capacity.
  5. Evaluation of new technologies.
  6. Work to increase administrative capabilities.
  7. Increasing international reputation and brand (international branding).

3.Also, answering the following questions is very important in the export process:

  • What needs does your product meet in the foreign market?
  • Should your company change its domestic market product for overseas sales or produce a new product for the foreign market? What specific features, such as design, color, size, packaging, brand, labels, and warranty, should be modified?
  • How important are linguistic or cultural differences?
  • What specific settings or services are essential to implementing your sales strategy in a market business environment?

Exports mean more opportunities, but they also require more risks. Although international trade environments have changed dramatically over the years, the risks that exporters face. when selling their products and services in other countries continue.

You must first identify the sources of each risk and then minimize those risks.

That all and sundry needs to learn and export training. Types of risks include:

  • Political risk.
  • Legal risk.
  • Quarantine compliance risk.
  • Exchange rate risk.
  • Non-payment risk.
  • Transportation risk – logistic risk.
4.Know your export product well:

Your company may need to adapt its product to the needs of export markets before export sales occur. Foreign government regulations may vary depending on the circumstances of the country. Or the preferences of the customer in each market you intend to enter. Successful export requires product knowledge and awareness of the unique characteristics of each target market.

In these cases, it is important to consider the following:

  • Are your customers have the same demographic and behavioral characteristics?
  • Do your export goods need accessories to ship with the goods in the destination country?
  • Is you need to produce and export a custom and specialized product according to the needs of the target market?
  • Can you sell a product that you produce exclusively and has a few distinctive features or special distinctive features in other similar markets?

Prepare your product for export: Product compatibility


Products may need modification for various reasons to adapt to market conditions:
  • Geographical and climatic conditions.
  • Buyer preferences.
  • Standards of living.
  • Government regulations or religious practices.

The changes may also facilitate transportation and logistics or create possible differences in engineering and design standards. Sensory perception of a product, such as taste or visual effect, can be a vital factor.

For example, Japanese consumers prefer certain types of packaging. Which has led many Iranian companies to redesign the cartons and packages needed for that country.

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